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Last call: Project round-up

Saturday 18 February was the last day of A time and a place. We were fortunate to have Jude Thomas join us and lead an evaluation session with the artists and Site staff. Although we were tucked away in the smaller space for this, the gallery remained open to the public and visitors could still wander around the unmanned project stations or listen in our conversations. From Jude’s activities, it was evident that the residency had become a unique opportunity for many of us to work collaboratively with new people, identify overlapping interests and pursue unexpected tangents. With just an hour in between to get the space ready for the evening’s closing do, we quickly tidied away remnants of the morning’s work just as the first guests arrived. Some photos from our farewell:

Charlotte Morgan's research analyses and pictures of all things library.

Abi Goodman and Sarah Smizz's wall clutter of RE:Advertisements, a popular stop for many visitors.

Tired but happy: Emily Musgrave and Hannah Knights can finally breathe easy after an intense two-week residency.

A group of vocal volunteers for Adam Denton‘s Co-Fragilities piece phoned in during the closing event to give a remote live performance:

A massive thank you to all ten artists for their time, openness and wonderful ideas, and to mentors Steve Pool, Kate Genever and Ania Bas for their input. I will invite a few of the artists to guest-blog any final thoughts here. Do come back and visit!

(This edition’s photo credit goes to Sarah Smizz — thanks!)


- SW

How to work with people: texts

At day 2 of our pre-programme workshop, Ania Bas presented a selection of important publications that deal with working with people as part of an artistic practice. Some of them are available to purchase at Site Gallery’s shop, which I will note below the image.

"The Applied Social Arts", Artur Żmijewski

"Situation", edited by Claire Doherty (available at the Site Gallery Shop)


"Participation", edited by Claire Bishop (available at the Site Gallery Shop)

"Curating and the Educational Turn", edited by Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson

"Community Art: The Politics of Trespassing", edited by Paul De Bruyne and Pascal Gielen

"Interrogation Wallsall", Anna Francis


"Praktika: Huntly, Aberdeenshire: Socially engaged art practice", edited by Claudia Zeiske


- SW

Our mentoring team

We are very excited to have a wonderful team of mentors who will be supporting our artists: Steve Pool (from the Sheffield-based group The Collaborators), Kate Genever (from the Sheffield-based group The Collaborators) and Ania Bas (collaborative artist). Welcome aboard!


- SW