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Our artists!

On Friday 27 January, the mentors and directors sat down to sort through all the applications that came through for the project. After much deliberation, we have come to the final list. Drum roll:

Hannah Knights (website/blog)
Sally Anne Roberts (blog)
Steve Anwar (website)
Emily Musgrave (blog)
Lyn Carruthers (website/work)
Sarah Smizz (website/blog)
Abi Goodman (website)
Adam Denton (blog/website)
Ruthie Ford (blog)
Charlotte Morgan (website)


Congratulations! We are going to start our workshops on Thursday 2 February. More pictures and blog entries to come then, for sure.

- SW

CAMP can mean many things

Being somewhat elusive about what CAMP actually stands for, this artist collaborative work flexibly in various configurations within their core group collecting ideas and developing them into “interests and forms”. Their most recent work is The Edgeware Project which runs as part of Serpentine Gallery’s public programme. Visit their site here.


- SW

Be engaged

engage is a UK organisation that has a diverse membership of educators, artists, curators and writers who are dedicated to promoting and providing access to the visual arts. If you are interested in getting involved with their work, you can become a member and enjoy membership benefits.


- SW

Deadline for proposal submissions is tomorrow, Friday 27 January!

Get your ideas in by 9:00am tomorrow! Selected artists will be announced no later than 1 February. Details and downloadable forms can be found here. Very excited to see what’s in store.


- SW

Let’s go Elsewhere

Come and play: Elsewhere is a living museum in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. The site was once a thrift store owned by director George Scheer’s grandmother and is a veritable time capsule of 5 kaleidoscopic decades of the mid-20th century. Boarded up in 1987 and eventually reopened in 2003, the shop has become a musem-cum-meeting place for leaving one’s creative mark. Artists and groups are regularly invited to take part in this perpetual work-in-progress by rearranging and reinterpreting the objects housed within its walls.


- SW


While living in Berlin, I had the good fortune of taking part in German artist Rüdiger Schlömer‘s knitting circle that contributed towards the Schalalala project. Initiated in 2006 as the World Cup dominated daily conversations, Schlömer had the idea of remixing fan scarf letters, patterns and colours to create new words and messages. It is an irregular, endless endeavour growing out of living rooms across the world via post and the internet.


- SW

The Showroom

The Showroom in London is a place for process-based contemporary art that promotes collaborative artistic strategies. They have an impressive catalogue of past projects here. Of note is their recent programme “Communal Knowledge” that looks for “ways to think about change on micro to macro levels”.


- SW

Conflict Kitchen

An interesting dialogical project in the form of a takeaway restaurant in Pittsburgh called “Conflict Kitchen” initiated by Dawn Weleski and Jon Rubin. It is built upon the most social of all communication aids — food — to encourage conversation about what conflict is.


- SW

Our mentoring team

We are very excited to have a wonderful team of mentors who will be supporting our artists: Steve Pool (from the Sheffield-based group The Collaborators), Kate Genever (from the Sheffield-based group The Collaborators) and Ania Bas (collaborative artist). Welcome aboard!


- SW

A time and a place: Hello, everyone!

We now have a blog! Hi all, I’m Sunshine Wong and I’m the Project Manager for A time and a place. I will be posting updates, photos and interesting dialogical / participatory art projects related to what we are doing here, so check this space often.

There is still time for your to get your application in. Click here to find out more about our programme concept, requirements and to download the necessary forms. Good luck!

“A Socially Interactive Model of Art Practice" by Stephen Willats, c. 1970


- SW